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Polite Pete & Co. are about stories.

Big ones, small ones. Long ones, tall ones. Watched or read, what's in our head...

Whatever they are, the story is just the start...

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Latest Stories

Who? the Cat

Who? the Cat

Take a trip into the world of Who? the Cat, a new series of stories for pre-school children. Join the inquisitive little black and white cat on her adventures. She loves exploring and meeting new friends. Find out more, read the book online, and comment at her very own website - Who? the Cat.

Added 7th December 2011

Kwak and Stu!

Kwak! the Duck

Follow the two best friends in the world, Kwak the Duck and Stu the egg. A series of short cartoons which explore the life long question of what came first, the duck or the egg (not chicken and egg as is commonly mistaken). Website coming soon!

Added 7th December 2011